We clean and service windows on low and high rise buildings including skyscrapers.

Our rope access services offer an easy solution for window cleaning, with only a small ecological footprint. The minimal equipment required means exclusion zones are setup in the morning and gone by the evening, with no equipment left out overnight.

This rope access method is swiftly replacing the older scaffolding technique for high rise cleaning, maintenance and renovation. It is quicker to implement, allowing flexible scheduling and almost no disruption to workplace operation.

Our Services include:

  • High Rise Window Cleaning
  • High Pressure Wash
  • Building Soft Wash
  • Sign Installation
  • Building Maintenance
  • Rendering and Painting
  • Glazing and Caulking

Our IRATA rope access tradesmen and professionals are all fully qualified and highly skilled. They follow out a strict code of practice to ensure their complete safety. These safety systems have backup measures in place, so operators need never rely on a single point of safety. Our safe standard methods were developed in accordance with the industry standard and the combined experienced of several rope access technicians.


We clean windows, no matter how high or how remote they are.

Tall building structures can have their windows cleaned with abseil access. Each window can be individually cleaned with mop and squeegee, or with high pressure water methods, if necessary.

Mop and squeegee window cleaning is a tried and true method, allowing an immaculate clean and finish, paying attention to detail that cannot be seen from afar, but which may mar the view from inside. This method uses minimal water, and is conducted with biodegradable cleaners, so there is little environmental impact.

High pressure cleaning is used to remove stubborn cleaning problems or residue from birds. It is also used when preparing for re-painting.


The periodic surface cleaning of buildings helps to extend the lifespan of the building, while also keeping things looking their best. This type cleaning can be challenging for extremely tall buildings, but modern practices have achieved impressive results.

Abseiling methods can use high pressure cleaning on all level of high rise buildings.

Our techniques use filtered water, so no chemical residue is left to streak windows, or left to contaminate storm water drains. And we ensure that paintwork is unaffected.  Noise from this cleaning is minimized to prevent disruption to the building's occupants.


Soft washing uses low pressure water to clean the outside of buildings. This is a gentle, safe and environmentally friendly technique. It effectively removes algae, mold, dust, bird and animal debris, insect nests, cobwebs, and dirt from building surfaces.

Soft washing is safe, and ideal for tiles, canvas awnings, windows, weatherboard, terracotta roofs, and any hard surfaces like brick, timber or concrete.

Use of filtered water means there is no chemical debris to cause staining on windows, or chemicals to harm the environment.


Many buildings have signs, either for advertising or simply to indicate the building's ownership.

Signs placed high up are effective for advertising, being viewable from a distance. And they are largely immune to vandalism. But it is difficult to place signs at such great heights.

We can arrange for sign installation on larger building, where they can remain trouble free for many years.


Painting or rendering will give a building a face lift, perhaps changing its appearance entirely.

Any surfaces that is to be painted will require immaculate cleaning. Even the slightest amount of grease or dirt can ruin a paint job. We look after the cleaning to ensure the best results.

We have staff fully qualified and licensed to undertake painting jobs at heights. This includes the painting of entire buildings to the painting of details and hard to reach places.

Rendering is the application of cement, usually textured, to the outer surface of a building. This is mainly done for appearance, but it also improves the waterproofing and fire rating of a building.


Caulking is the material used to seal joints in building structures, creating a waterproof, gas tight-fitting. It is most commonly seen around glass windows and the edges of tiles, but may also be used for pipes and other parts of building structures.

Caulking guns will neatly and accurately dispense the right amount of caulking material to protect against water, dust, air or even insects. This will also provide added thermal and noise insulation.

By properly caulking any leaks in the building you greatly reduce the chances of future damage from water or other environmental factors.

Glazing is the seal around the edges of a glass window. Over time this glazing can be damaged by exposure to sunlight or harsh weather. This leaves the window prone to leaking which may cause further damage. Glazing can be replaced as part of our window maintenance.


Working at heights obviously involves potential risks. But our techniques, qualifications and experience means we can provide inspections and undertake renovations and cleaning with minimal risk.

Our IRATA rope access tradesmen and professionals are all skilled and fully qualified. They follow a strict code of practice with backup measures to ensure their complete safety. These strict measures were developed in accordance with the industry standard and the combined knowledge of experienced operators.